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Our Products

“Even though Naturopathic Principles are as old as history, they are as new as tomorrow because nature and truth never change.”-  Arno R. Koegler

Taking a leaf from the goodness of nature, Sydler Group of Companies offers diverse products to their clientele lay spread in 25 countries across the globe. Our brands signify the highest standards in production and associated benefits to offer our customers the full value for the money spent and ensure good health for times to come!

Business Expansion:                                                                                                             Sydler Group of Companies has been recently launched, a state-of-the-art IT/Software division. It is going to provide an expansive information technology solution to a wide range of industries across the globe!!


Herbal Formulations

Sydler uses the goodness of nature for nurturing individual health. Our herbal formulations make use of traditional knowledge handed down through generations for developing easy-to-use products suitable in the modern scenario. Our brands provide a scientific avenue to successfully deal with varied health concerns related to both humans and animals. We maintain a well-equipped infrastructure and employ a strong, qualified, and professional team to manufacture a wide range of products. This includes capsules, granules, syrups, tablets, and ointments, among many others.

Following are some of our products related to herbal formulation

• Personal care products
• Baby care products
• Healthcare products
• Therapeutic products
• Animal care products

More About Herbal Formulations

Herbal Extract / Phytochemicals

At Sydler R&D unit, we have discovered the unique benefits of some common botanical products and soon started their extracts for treating various ailments. While our herbal formulations use the goodness of these herbs we also offer an expansive range of herbal extracts to individuals and companies.

Following are our key products based on botanical extracts

• Zingiber officinale (Ginger extract)
• Andrographis paniculata (Kalmegh extract)
• Bacopa monnieri (Nir Brahmi extract)
• Gymnema sylvestre (Gudmar/Madhunasini extract)
• Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi extract)
• Tinospora cardifolia (Guduchi extract)
• Tribulus terrestris (Gokhru extract)
• Withania somnifera root (Ashwagandha extract)
• Asphaltum(Silajit extract)
• Triphala

More About Herbal Extract


At Sydler Group of Companies, we believe that the key to good health is good nutrition! Sadly, most of us are not able to have a wholesome balanced meal on a daily basis because of time constraints brought on by a hectic lifestyle. Use of pesticides in food and loss of nutritious value during the cooking process renders what we eat ineffectual.

Consider Sydler Nutraceuticals essential instead of luxury because they can help you in your ongoing quest for good health and a disease-free life. Through a need-based regular consumption you can

• Stay active & fit
• Look young & healthy
• Get healthy supplements
• Treat specific disorders
• Develop body immunity

More About Nutraceuticals

Agri – Products & Spices

Sydler agricultural products and spices are highly nutritious and healthy. They do not have any side effects, are hygienic and thoroughly safe. They add to your regular food consumption needs and promote a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Our in-house testing centers make sure that only the very best products come out from our plants and sent during export.

Reasons to choose Sydler argi-products & spices

• State-of-the-art technology used for production
• Expert and learned professionals & technicians
• Stringent norms of quality control
• Well-equipped research & development wing
• Scheduled delivery
• Minimal costs, assured supply

More About Agri-Products & Spices

Foods for Malnutrition

Sydler Group of Companies believes in using the natural goodness of organic produce to successfully deal with global malnutrition issues. For combating nutrition deficiency in both children and adults, we offer a wide range of foods for dealing effectively with malnutrition. We have consciously kept the prices low and affordable so that the maximum number of people can benefit from our products. Our food items need specific dietary requirements of individuals and offer them significant health benefits.

More About Foods for Malnutrition

Printing & Packaging

Sydler state of the art printing and packaging unit launched in 2009. Today, it is located in the fantastic city for Aurnagabad in Maharashtra. Due to its fantastic location, our plant gets the best benefits from the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). With fantastic infrastructure and well equipped with the latest technological innovations our printing and packaging solutions are among the best one around. We manufacture an expansive range of corrugated boxes and printing materials that follows strict quality control.

When it comes to Sydler Packs, we offer

• Unmatched commitment
• Superior quality
• Proper guidance
• Timely delivery
• Calculated economy

Give us the best products and we are sure to offer you the highest packaging quality. We employ a dedicated team of professionals who are perfectionists in their own right.

Today, with the increasing demand for branded products related to Pharma, Health, Food, Dairy, Beverage, Garments, and FMGC industries have spawned demands for high quality packaging. Sydler wants to tap this potential market with innovative and unique packaging solutions.

More About Printing & Packaging

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Sydler India on Facebook is about inspiring people to take small, everyday actions that add up to a big difference.

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