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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sydler Group of Companies understands that, ‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility’ and strives to achieve this amidst our regular workings. Never to deny our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), our company takes an active participation in improving human life. Ever since our inception, Sydler has taken an active role in various activities and campaigns with the main aim to do good for the people.

We understand that there is no future for us, if we cannot secure the future of our fellow human beings and our environment. At Sydler we take immense care to formulate and execute eco-friendly strategies and technologies, right from the manufacturing stage to packaging and distribution. We use our collective energies, talents, and knowledge to meet the challenges related to our environment, society, and the workplace.

Sydler works towards

  • Improvement of education through community programs securing the future of our generations
  • Reduction of environmental impacts by using eco-friendly technologies
  • Maintenance of high business conduct standards
  • Providing safe work environment that promotes growth and development.

We solicit the help and participation of all the interested people everywhere to work with us and make the world a better place for ‘YOU’ and for ‘US’ and for the Total Human Race!!

Help Us To Take Our Social Responsibilities Seriously!!

Our initiatives under the name of Late Shri Raj Kumar Jain Foundation

    • Activities against female feticide – Sydler Group strongly fights against female feticide. With the aim of preventing growing incidents of female feticide across India, we have undertaken several projects to educate the community against the implications of female feticide, and invigorating women empowerment in India.


    • Plantation and soil conservation – For rapid development of rural India, our foundation plays an important role in promoting plantation and soil conservation. We have successfully accomplished several projects that educate the farmers regarding the nuances of healthy plantation and effective soil conservation for better harvests. We also motivate planting trees on a regular basis to facilitate sustainable development and a greener world to live in.


    • Farmer education – Sydler Group has actively taken steps to educate the farmers of the country regarding soil conservation, harvesting, what is the right time and temperature to cultivate, and micro financing opportunities for further growth and development. We conduct workshops and training programs with the farmers to make them fully aware and knowledgeable of their core business.


    • Village sanitation and hygiene – With the aim of giving a better life to people in rural villages, we have undertaken and accomplished several projects on hygiene and sanitation. We have successfully developed janitorial facilities and bathrooms in villages to improve sanitation and hygiene, and give the people a better lifestyle. At the same time, we also educate them on how to maintain hygiene in the village to live a healthy and hearty life.


    • Blood donation camps – Sydler Group foundation has conducted several blood donation camps in rural and urban India, promoting the cause and aiding facilities for better medicinal treatment across the country.


    • Health checkup camps – Rural India still lacks advanced medical facilities, and it is impossible for many to get expensive health services in modern cities. Considering this fact, we regularly conduct health camps, where expert doctors and nurses provide free medical checkup to children, men, and women. At the same time, we also provide medicines for free.


    • Eye checkup and free spectacle for patients – In addition to health checkups, we also conduct eye checkup camps, bringing professional doctors on board to provide the best eye health services. We also provide free spectacles to patients.


    • Entertainment, sports, and fitness camps – For overall development of the community, we hold numerous entertainment, sports, and fitness camps to promote talent, inculcate the sense of health and wellbeing, and bringing sheer entertainment opportunities to deprived people.


    • Education in local language and English medium school for poor children – Sydler Group has the supporting hand behind setting up several English medium schools for poor children, while also imparting education in local languages for further growth and development.


  • Free library and study hall for villages with heavy power cuts – We have also built libraries in different villages with free access to promote knowledge and education for students and adults. At the same time, we have also developed study halls with power backups in villages that face heavy power cuts.

Our endeavours demonstrate our commitment towards corporate social responsibility and community development.


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Sydler India on Facebook is about inspiring people to take small, everyday actions that add up to a big difference.

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