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Our brands provide a scientific avenue to successfully deal with varied health concerns related to both humans and animals.

We maintain a well-equipped infrastructure and employ a strong, qualified, and professional team to manufacture a wide range of products. This includes capsules, granules, syrups, tablets, and ointments, among many others.


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Following are some of our products related to herbal formulation

Personal Care

Cough & Cold Sinofit Roll On
Sinofit Inhaler
Cold Grip Inhaler
Cufsol Syrup
Lozenges & Candies
Lozenges in pillow pouch
Lozenges in Blister Pack (2 x 6)
Lozenges in Blister Pack (2 x 12)
Lozenges in Blister Pack – More Flavors
Lozenges in Jar Pack
Lozenges in Large pillow pack
Lozenges in 3 layer Pack
Lozenges in Alu-Alu Foil Pack
Amla Candy
Memory Candy
Skin Care Borosyd
Sydler Soap
Esderm Spray
Hair Care Day 2 Day Care Shampoo ( Amla, Heena, shikakai, Neem Tulsi )
Day 2 Day Care Hair Oil
Foot Care Cream Sydler Heel Cream
Piles Cure Ointment X – Piles Ointment
Stretch-Marks Prevention Cream Markover Cream
Oral Care Day2Day Care Tooth Paste
Sydler Mouth Wash
Sydler Mouth Ulcer Gel
Pain Balm/Ointments Yes Pain Balm
Pain Balm Doloron Pain Balm
Muscles Relaxant Cream Eazol Cream
Pain Relieving Cream Doloron Cream
Muscles Relaxant Oil Eazol Oil
Muscles Relaxant Spray Eazol Spray
Muscles Relaxant Spray Doloron Spray
Mosquito Repellents Creams M-Quit
Antacid Effervescent Frutin
Antacid Effervescent Acifree
Antacid Effervescent OWT

Baby Care

Gripe Water Sydler Gripe Water
Health Tonic Frutin Syrup
Chest Rub Balm Junior Vilix Vaporub
Baby Oils Sydler Baby Oil

Health Care

Health Tonics Tonosyd Syrup
Uterine Tonic: Helps to prevent Dysmenorrhoea, Menorrhogia, Leucorrhoea, Menopausal Syndrome Eltone
Weight Loss Sydlife D
Glucose Powder Glusyd
Antacid Powder Frutin
Psyllium & Formulations Easyvac Powder
Psyllium Formulations Psyllium Plantago Plantafiber
Psyllium Natural Fibers Psyllium Natural Fibres
Immunity & Fitness Formulations Antioxidant Capsules

Therapeutic Formulations

Lactation Enhancer Capsules And Granules Megalac Granules
Aphrodisiac / Sex  Empowerment  Range Zing
Aphrodisiac / Sex Empowerment Range Jetex Capsules
Liver Guard Syrup Elcare Liver Syrup
Liver Guard Capsules Elcare Capsules
Intellect Enhancer Capsules Entel Capsules
Mood Enhancer Capsules Moodrich Capsules
Appetite Stimulant Capsules Apstim Capsules
Antacid Capsules A2H Capsules
Antidiarrhoeal Capsules Motocon Capsules
Antiemetic Capsules Regard Capsules
Antiflatulant Capsules Flatumin Capsules

Animal Care

Stomachic and Appetite Stimulant Gastovet Powder
For Herbal Anti – Tympany Gastrovet Liquid
Enhances Milk Production Naturally in Milch Animals Megavet Powder
Anti Septic Healing Spray Sydvet Spray
Anti Septic Healing Cream Sydvet Cream
Hepatogenic, Hepatoprotective & Metabolic Stimulants Elvet Powder
Ayurvedic Veterinary Medicine Maxvet Powder
For inducing early Heat and For Expulsion of Placenta Maxheat Capsules
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Sydler India on Facebook is about inspiring people to take small, everyday actions that add up to a big difference.

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